Since 1990, HUBY-340 has become the pioneer of a broad variety of cotton swabs for industrial use and has had a majority of share in this market. HUBY-340 continually updates their operations to fulfill the demands of expanding market. The features of HUBY-340 are as follows.

  • Highly absorbent & absorbency speed
    • highly absorbent & absorbent speed is a feature of selected 100% pure cotton for industrial use. (Cellulose)
  • Lint-less
    • Special processing to card, coil cotton and form cotton tips by our developed machinery can produce Lint-less cotton swabs.
  • NVR (Non-Volatile residue)
    • As per your request, NVR test data with solvents such as DI water, IPA, and Acetone is available.
  • Silicone Free
    • Silicone does not include in our cotton swabs and packages.
  • Consistency under precise specificaiton
    • Under precise specification, all the products are continuously monitored by inspectors and automatic check.
  • RoHS, REACH and Certificate of Non-Applicability
    • RoHS –> supported
    • REACH –> supported
    • Certificate of Non-Applicability –> supported
  • ISO9001
    • Experienced production lines qualified for ISO9001;2008.
  • Custom order
    • Please feel free to contact us for your requests for special products.